Search Engine Optimization Services

Every Web site has a unique profile and set of needs, so every recommendation we make is highly customized, specific to the client’s Website and business situation.

SEO Services

We provide a wide array of professional SEO services designed to help Websites rank better. SEO service areas include, but are not limited to:

Website Audit & Recommendations

Poor site organization, technical problems, missed keyword opportunities, and hundreds of other SEO issues can greatly reduce a Web site’s ability to rank for important search terms. So in most cases it makes sense to start with a Site Audit. It’s also not unusual to combine a Site Audit and Web Site Strategic Planning into one assignment.

Areas of investigation during a Website audit include:

  • Technical and structural review
  • Keyword research and development
  • Site organization and navigation
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitive assessment
  • Content assessment

Website Restructuring

If a site’s basic structure and organization is a major obstacle to strong rankings in the search engines, a large-scale redesign is needed. This typically involves:

  • Updated site organization and navigation plans
  • Updated directories and filenames (URL’s)
  • Updated page titles, meta descriptions, etc.

Website Content Plans

Some kinds of content are best suited for capturing organic search traffic; some for encouraging links from other sites; some for attracting the attention of key professional constituencies; etc.

Most sites don’t spend enough time thinking about:

  • What kinds of content they need
  • Who they are targeting with each kind of content
  • How to best display their content
  • How to market their content

On-Going SEO Consulting

Many clients require an on-going SEO and search marketing resource for needs including: Site evolution and updates, technology changes, anti-competitive activity, category news and evolution, project overflow and new idea generation. Retainer arrangements mean that a client can pretty much get any question answered at any time.

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