WordPress is one of the Internet’s most popular blogging applications. Ideally designed with PHP and SQL data at the backend to enable basic content management and known for it’s easy to use layout, a blogger using wordpress needn’t have advanced CMS knowledge. In fact, using WordPress is as easy as using any word processing software. A free to use and install personal publishing system, WordPress allows you to create a blog on your website that is sophisticated in look and design. After its release in 2003, WordPress has an estimated 202 million websites that use its application.


WordPress offers websites that are fully editable, upgradable, and maintainable by anyone without the need for programming knowledge. WordPress websites have a CMS system that will let the administrator of the website manage subscribers, users, pages, posts, and website functionality.

  •  WordPress Websites can be easily upgraded to adapt to changing online trends
  •  WordPress Websites have a CMS that allows the website administrator to edit, add, delete, upgrade, maintain, and manage the entire wordpress website easily without any programming knowledge
  •  WordPress websites are SEO Friendly and will adapt to current and future search engines.
  •  Cross browser compatibility. You can pay a lot of money to get your normal website compatible with old, current, and new browsers. WordPress themes and wordpress websites are compatible with almost any browser and upgrades for themes can be provided by creators to adapt to new browsers free of charge.
  •  Website Contact Forms
  •  Website Social Networking Share Buttons
  •  Adding Pictures, Videos, Games to pages and posts
  •  Any Other functionality that you require
  • 18,500 THB
  • This service is for anyone who wants a professional installation and configuration of WordPress with a theme from one of the many professional WordPress theme providers. The service includes:
  • Install the latest version of WordPress to use as a Blog or CMS
  • Creation of a database for use by WordPress
  • Installation of a theme of your choice
  • Set up your permalinks to improve SEO of your site
  • Install our selected standard & advanced plug-in to work with your theme
  • Configure spam protection to prevent comment spam
  • Install your company logo and graphics
  • Training services
  • 100% Premium Themes, we never use free theme!
  • WordPress Setup Theme within 7 business days.
  • Free Onsite Training WordPress 1 day after website finished (Saturday and Sunday only).
  • Satisfaction Guarantee:Unlimited revisions to your WordPress website till you are satisfied.
WORDPRESS : I’m specialize in WordPress installation and services. WordPress is my favorite tool to use for any website, whether as a blog engine or as a CMS (Content Management System). I can work with you on any level of your project that you may need support with.